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A master/detail report is a particular kind of report in which a dimension value is used to separate different blocks. Master/detail reports allow you to analyze data within a particular subset. For example, you can have multiple tables, charts, or crosstabs for each color of wine. As discussed earlier in “Sections” and shown in Figure , BusinessObjects will insert a subsection when you create a master/detail report.

From Report Window
When your block already contains the data you want to use as a section heading, you can convert an existing column to a section heading called a master cell.

Right-click the cell that you want to convert to a section heading. In the following crosstab, you want color to become a section heading. There will be two sections, one for Red wines and one for White wines.

From the pop-up menu, select Set As Master.

BusinessObjects moves the cell from the block to a new cell that acts as a section heading.

From Report Manager
If you want the dimension column to remain in the block, but you want a section heading in addition, use the Report Manager to create the master/detail report.

From the toolbar, click Report Manager or select View | Report Manager from the pull-down menu.

Ensure the Report Manager is set to Data view. If you have multiple data providers, click the Data Provider radio button at the bottom of Report Manager to sort the variables by query.

Under Variables, select the dimension object you want to become the section header and drag it to the Report window at the upper-left corner of the block. The mouse changes to an insert cell cursor, and the status bar indicates you are creating a new section.

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